Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Huffington Post - Duke Students

"Just over a week ago, a group of students and I who are part of the Coalition for a Conflict-Free Duke sent a video message to Tim Cook, Apple CEO and fellow Dukie, imploring him to create a conflict-free product by the end of 2013... In conjunction with the petition by Congolese activist Delly Mawazo Sesete, we hoped the video would pique Tim Cook's attention and help build a constituency demanding change, but we never guessed that Apple would publicly acknowledge our call to action... But a few days ago, I received a call on my iPhone from San Jose, Calif. It was Steve Dowling, Apple's spokesperson, telling me that had seen our video, heard our call for action, and said that Apple is very committed to going conflict-free."

- How I got Apple To 'Think Differently' - Huffington Post

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