Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Long Run - The Scrap Exchange

"Last week my husband and I visited a college friend down in Durham, NC. Being on vacation, I of course needed to check out the fabric stores at the places we were visiting. I came back with some good finds. Most of them came from a neat store in Durham, The Scrap Exchange. This store collects random stuff of all types and then sells it for use by crafters and artists. And by random stuff, I mean RANDOM! You want a 2008 calendar from a dentist office? Sure. Old wallpaper swatchbooks? Check. Miss-matched work boots? Yup. Empty glass test tubes? Got those too. All in a large warehouse space. But the icing on the cake? Bins full of fabric scraps, many of them about 1/4 yard, for 75 cents a piece."

- Recent Fabric Finds, In the Long Run

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