Friday, December 4, 2015

Virgin Atlantic features Gaurav Patel's favorite spots to dine

"When I’m in Durham at the end of the day, I usually end up at Bar Virgile . It’s cozy in there, it has that I-know-a-secret feel, and I’m always amazed at what comes out of that tiny kitchen. The charcuterie is outstanding and their bourbon list is a fun one.”
"If it’s lunchtime, G heads to Pizzeria Toro where he’ll indulge in one of their specialty pizza pies and a glass of wine. This is no pepperoni-and-cheese pizza place; it’s a spot where you’ll find a spicy lamb meatball, venison sausage, locally grown squash and mushrooms, and imported Italian cheese on a pie. “It’s a pizza, but it’s unexpected and executed perfectly.”

—"Gaurav Patel's guide to dining in Raleigh-Du​rham" Jason Frye, Virgin Atlantic

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