Thursday, November 19, 2015

Urban Ministries of Durham featured in Our State

"The crowd forming for UMD’s Community Café, or cafeteria, in no way resembles the way folks in a stereotypical free-meal line are often depicted. There are those who seem clearly gainfully employed, coming off a shift where scrubs are worn, or perhaps heading to a work site where steel-toe boots are required. For every threadbare tee and pair of stained pants, there is an equal number of belted slacks and button-down shirts. Patrons are of every color and every age, each with a unique set of circumstances that brought them to UMD. It makes no difference why they’re here to the staff and volunteers who have put together enough food to feed 250. No one will ask questions or make them justify their place in line."

—"A Daily Slice of Life at Urban Ministries of Durham" Elizabeth Shestak, Our State

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