Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting to Greener - Darko Urban Farm, Boutiful Backyards

"Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Darko Urban Farm, located in downtown Durham, North Carolina. The farm is comprised of Rochelle and her partner Will, their incredibly diverse front and backyard, and their newly acquired 'back forty.' It’s lovely for me to see what a backyard-turned-farm looks like and to see how productive such a small area can be. Their main vegetable garden is contained within a fence—mostly to safeguard precious garden tools—and is complete with four ducks and a beautiful kiwi trellis...Behind the vegetable garden and adjacent to a neighborhood lunch place, Big Daddy’s, is the farm’s brand-new fruit orchard.  Installed with the help of Bountiful Backyards, a local business that helps people create edible gardens, there are now Asian pears, a medlar tree (according to Rochelle, 'is like an apple, but doesn’t require as many chill days as an apple tree,' a persimmon, cherries, figs and a variety of other fruits that do well here in North Carolina."

- Farming and the Local Food Scene: Urban Farming in Durham, North Carolina, Getting to Greener

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