Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes! Weekly - DPAC

"Since opening in 2008, the Durham Performing Arts Center, or DPAC, has become the fourth highest grossing performing arts center in the nation, greatly benefiting downtown Durham, said United Arts Council of Greensboro President Tom Philion. When Brown was asked how much money a center could generate, he said it was easier to say how much Greensboro was losing to DPAC.

“DPAC has successfully captured the market,” said Philion, adding that around 6 percent of the Durham audience traveled from Greensboro. “A performing arts center is critical to this city remaining competitive whether you are talking about attracting employers or people looking at Greensboro as a place they want to live.”

In order to remain competitive, Brown said, it is more important to build a performing arts center quickly than where exactly it is constructed. “The longer we wait… we’re going to be embarrassed one day if we don’t have the facility,” he said."

- City exploring options for a performing arts center, Yes! Weekly

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