Friday, December 9, 2011

Destinations Magazine - Durham Film Festivals

"Film festivals, once largely limited to major U.S. cities or international destinations like Cannes, have sprouted up in countless communities of all sizes, bringing thousands of visitors and, sometimes, millions of dollars to the host locales... Durham, NC, for example, hosts about 10 film festivals each year. The largest, the documentary festival Full Frame "is a great way to raise the profile of Durham," says Shelly Green, president and CEO of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It's a festival of a size that has some billboard ability, The New York Times is a sponsor, so they're always writing about it." Full Frame drew 29,000 attendees over four days this year and generated $1.8 in visitor spending, Green says. The CVB offered attendees a mobile gaming platform called Scavenger which used visitors' smart phones to send them on a scavenger hunt through the city. Participants could win prizes and offer feedback on the festival's films as they explored Durham. The Destination Marketing Association of North Carolina awarded the Durham CVB a platinum award for the game."

- Film Exposure, Destinations Magazine

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